Denied EgemenGames603's Staff Application


New member
Minecraft Username: UmurPro

Previous Usernames:

Age 14

Timezone GMT+2. We are now in the Central European Summer time

Are you multilingual? I can fluently speak Dutch, English and Turkish.

Discord Tag Egemen#4377

Are you on our Discord/Teamspeak and do you have a working microphone? I am in your discord and I have a working microphone.

Are you able to record and upload videos at a constant 40+ FPS for evidence? Yes I can.

How many hours are you able to spend on Fallen as a staff member? Around 1-2 hours on the weekdays and 3-4 hours on the weekends.

Have you ever been punished on Fallen? I haven't been punished on Fallen before.

If a player is using inappropriate language and calling you names to provoke you, what would you do? If a player is using inappropriate language I'd formally warn them by telling them that this type of language isn't allowed on the server if this is their 1st chat offence. If they keep on going with using inappropriate language after the warning I'd use the Network Rules and Regulation to determine their punishment. As stated in the rules a 2nd offence is a 1 day mute so I'd temporarily mute the player for 1 day with the reason "Inappropriate Language". This will give the player time to rethink what they have done and better actions.

If a player is calling me names, I'd act cool about it because I normally don't really mind. I would give the player a Verbal Warning so they know that it is a rule that can lead to a worse punishment than a warn. If the player keeps on going with calling me names and trying to annoy me on purpose after the warning, I'd proceed to mute the player for 2 hours as a 2nd offence. This can again give the player a chance to not Disrespect Staff and better their actions.

A player asks you a question you don’t know the answer to. How do you respond? I would tell them that I do not know the answer to the question. This is because being honest is something important when being a staff member.
After telling the user that I do not know the answer I'd ask other staff members about the question to see if they know the answer to it. If they don't, I'd check somewhere else where the answer of that question can be found. If that doesn't help either, I'd check Forums to see if there is anything about it over there. If I also don't find anything there I'd tell the player that I or if in the case with someone else here We were not able to find the answer to the question.

If you are in game and you see duplicated items being distributed but there is no staff online to handle the situation, what would you do? I'd start to record them duplicating for if evidence is gonna be needed when a staff member asks for it. If I were a staff member at the said time this was happening I'd go into vanish and see how they are duplicating items. I'd record this too because if possible Staff Team can find a solution to fix the duplicatoin glitch. As stated in the rules the use of Duplication Glitches is strictly prohibited and is a 1st offence Permanent IP-Ban. I'd clear the users inventory and if I had enough perms, I would Permanently IP Ban them. If I at that moment didn't have enough perms to Permanently IP-Ban them, I'd would have showed the recording of them Duplicating to a Higher-up staff member and they would ban them if the evidence is sufficient.

Do you have any previous staff experience? Please list the names of the servers along with any reasons why you were demoted or resigned. I was Owner on a server Named GTCraft which was a Factions Server. The server was going pretty good at first but started to die after a few weeks. This server taught me alot about how servers work and how plugins can make a big impact on a server. I used this to my advantage to learn more about this stuff and it helper. ALOT. The server started to lose player after the first few weeks because people didn't like to play anymore. I unfortunately had to close down the server after some time. That was the end of my Ownership on the server.

Why do you want to become staff on Fallen? Because I think it'd be a great experience for me. I might have not been here from the very start but I have met great people when I came here. That also motivated me to apply here.

Fallen also looks like a really fun server to be able to play in. I've seen some pics of the bedwars on the twitter and it looked fun to play on. By playing here I can get people to feel welcomed in this server by like trying to make a conversation with them.

Why should we choose you over other applicants? Because I feel like I can be a great fit into the team. I can be very calm about stuff and try to get the server to be a great place. I'm not the type to get offended easily and can be active and welcoming to new and old players.
I can also tell the difference when someone is joking about something and when someone is saying the same but being serious. Some stuff can sound the same but be different because it's not always clear if someone is telling a joke or not.

Are you currently staff on any other servers? No I'm not. Not anymore.

Is there any other information that you would like to add? As you can see my Grammar isn't all that good. I hope the application is readable


Thanks for apply for staff here on Fallen! Unfortunately, your application has been denied for the following reason(s):

•Lack of information/detail.

You may reapply in 2 weeks. Please make sure to include as much information as possible including well structured responses to the application questions.