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    happy bday me!

    happy bday me!
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    Accepted ExoticSlice's Staff Application

    Minecraft Username: ExoticSlicinq Previous Usernames: Age 16 (17 on the 18th july) Timezone AWST Are you multilingual? no Discord Tag YTExoticSlice#9087 Are you on our Discord/Teamspeak and do you have a working microphone? Yes i'm on the discord and...
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    ExoticSlice App For Rank

    Hello, My name is ExoticSlice and I am the top donator ever on the fallen Minecraft server. Altogether I have spent over 500$ buying the top ranks + buying friends ranks, I feel I have been a big impact on the community because I am a team player, trustworthy and all round amazing. What I am...
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    Viesu and Panicking, The Love Story!

    Ann your wrong, you have to write part 2. This is not allowed. You are the fan fiction writer. Not this fraud, you should be filing a complaint
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    Join a really beautiful cult today!

    Can we have an alliance, baguette cult joining boop cult so we wear half maid and half baguette, if yes ann can make that skin looool
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    No skuppy, remove it NOW or ban! THIS IS SERIOUS SKUPPY, YOU ARE KILLING THE NEXT GENERATION OF KIDS, btw ann its spelt gambling not gambeling
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    Yes ban!
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    Dancing on a horse

    Lol, read the chat xd im just talking to repellence lol
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    Cuz bad
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    The days of silence

    Fallen ban ghostie
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    The days of silence

    Now this, is Fking art!!!! BEAUTIFUL don't ban me, i didn't make this story! xd but its still art holy jeez k bye
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    True love

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    Accepted ExoticSlice's Ban Appeal

    Minecraft Username: ExoticSlicinq Reason: Abusing an Exploit How long is your punishment for? 3 days Justification Look, I'm not gonna lie to you, i probably deserve this punishment. this happened on the 22 Jun AWST, it was me and a few other people, including Viesu. We were just...
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    Very phat