Network Rules and Regulations

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Fallen Network Rules and Regulations
Illegal Modifications and Hacked Clients
Any player found using something that modifies the game and gives you an unfair advantage is against the rules and will result in a ban on the server without any warning given. We do not want any clients, resource packs, mod, or any other program that will modify the game outside of what has been set up for the server. If you break this rule, you can expect to be punished according to the following punishments:

1st Offence: 30 Day Ban
2nd Offence: 60 Day Ban
3rd Offence: 90 Day Ban
4th Offence: Permanent Ban
You can find a full list of our whitelisted/blacklisted modifications...

Topic: Teaming

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Unfortunately it seems like many of our users have been having problems regarding the fact that there is currently no regulations on teaming.
This makes it very hard for newer users to level up in the same way already established users do.

We've been thinking about adding a /team system in which you're only allowed to team with members in your team.
This would solve the issue since new members could team up together, even when they don't know each other and this would also resolve the massive teams that currently exist on the server.

We're willing to listen to the community in regards to how many users should be allowed per team, above this thread you will find a poll which you can react to with the amount of players you personally prefer.

I appreciate you all and value your opinions, thanks for sharing the problem with us and we'll do our absolute best to resolve it as soon as possible.


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